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A word about our current Shopping Cart and order processing Issues

Please take note of the new situation we have now with PayPal. We were with them for over 10 years and we had many many problems with them. To make a long horrible story short, PayPal/eBay sent me their NEW policy which would allow them complete and continuous access to my personal bank account!~ Now, when I said we had problems with PayPal prior, trust me, and of course it has to do with OUR PERSONAL MONEY that PayPal and eBay thought they had a right to and they went and took over $400 of OUR money without MY permission nor my knowledge! I have it in writing on what they were entitled to and they already received that amount of money -again, without my permission, they just went into my account and took what they thought they had a right to and THEN they sent me a notice that my money had been taken by PayPal/eBay! As you can tell, this is a business that is VERY OUT OF LINE and VERY VERY ILLEGAL! I will NEVER allow PayPal nor eBay to have the right to my personal bank account , and because of my position I have taken with this, PayPal/eBay went again WITHOUT prior notice nor ANY contact THEY went and shut down our accounts! This time, I AM taking LEGAL ACTION! PayPal when they shut down our accounts, informed us any monies in the account we were NOT entitled to for at least 180 days!~ WHAT! It is with GREAT pride that I announce we do NOT accept PayPal nor will we in the future ever allow them back into our buiness! We just flat can NOT afford the way they take OUR monies! This is a company we do NOT trust, and now that we have looked into this mess and the illegal practices that this PayPal money grubbing company has gone and taken from so many thousands and thousand of other business's, we are VERY proud that we will NOT allow them back this time NOT EVER AGAIN!! Be careful~ be VERY VERY CAREFUL with PayPal and eBay! They ARE 1!

So, what does this mean?

It's simple, Until we can meet or exceed current PCI Data security Standards, our shopping cart will not be able to accept online orders. we are actively reviewing all options that will allow us to provide a safe, secure, and convenient Shopping experience, but until we resolve these issues, please feel free to contact us via email or telephone to discuss alternatives.
Thank you for your understanding and Happy Shopping!


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Page last updated:Thursday October 16, 2014

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